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This is a continuation of my effort to get used to emacs editor. I just realized that there is no point in listing all the commands together at one post — simply because I missed a lot of useful ones the first time. So, let’s do it step-wise — one category at a time. Today, just the ‘cursor movement’: (Hit C-h t to get to the inbuilt tutorial)

Lines (vertically):

    1. C-n next line
    2. C-p previous line

Lines (Horizontally):

    3. C-a Move to the beginning of a line
    4. C-e Move to the end of a line

    5. C-f move forward one character
    6. C-b move backward one character

    7. M-f move forward one word
    8. M-b Move backward one word


    5. M-a Move to the beginning of a sentence
    6. M-e Move to the end of a sentence


    7. M-{ Beginning of a paragraph
    8. M-} End of a paragraph


     9. C-x [ Beginning of the page
   10. C-x ] End of the page


   11. M-< Move to the beginning of the current buffer
   12. M-> Move to the end of the current buffer

N.B.C-u <n>" or "M-<n>" is the command for numeric argument, i.e.

   1. C-u 7 *  Inserts "*" seven times
   2. M-8 C-f forwards the cursor 8 letters