This is my another effort to learn emacs 🙂

These are the absolute basics which must be kept in memory in order to even start to think about using emacs.

Get Help:

C-h C-h shows a list of help with keybindings as well as different commands, modes, and functions (you’ll need this!)

Cursor movement:

C-a beginning of line
C-e end of line
C-< top of document (in my case M-< worked)
C-> end of document (in my case M-> worked)
M-x goto-line Go to line
C-v page forward
M-v page backward

Deleting and moving text:

Backspace delete character before cursor
(subject to modification of .emacs)
C-d delete character under cursor
M-d delete word
C-k delete to end of line(s)
(restore with C-y)
C-SPC set mark
C-w delete from mark to cursor
(restore with C-y)

Search and replace:

C-s incremental search forward
C-r incremental search backward
C-% query replace
M-x replace-string <ENTER> <searchstr> <ENTER> <replstr>


C-u n (or M-n) repeat the next keystroke or command n times (example: to print 7 *’s in a row use: M-7 * )

C-x u undo (I prefer, C-_ )
C-x C-s save file
C-x C-f find file
C-x 2 2 windows
C-x 1 1 window
C-x o switch between windows
C-x b switch buffers
M-q reformat paragraph
C-x C-c quit

Reference: link.